(1) Any Golf Ball Sales per player beyond 15 golf balls sold ($150):
50% of the profit (-$1 per ball) will go back to the player as an individual club credit to be used for: Club Dues, Tourn Fees, Ref Fees, Misc. team fees
 *Example: Sell 50 Golf Balls ($500) - 15/$150 of the sales goes to the club fundraiser. 50% of the remaining $350 (-$1 per ball) goes back to the player : $157.50 to use as a club credit.
(2) TOP 2 PLAYER Golf Ball Sales will receive a $250 gift card for 
 *must sell minimum of 50 golf balls
(3) Players who sell 30 or more golf balls will receive a OC Surf MV warm-up hoodie
Player who also brings in sponsorship of over $300 will also receive a OC Surf MV warm-up hoodie.
(4) TWO winners for the overall golf ball drop prize that anyone that purchases a golf ball can win:
Ball that lands closest to or in the hole wins $1,500
Second closest wins $500